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Event- oder Workshop-Facility


Country: United States
Distance to Central Station: km
Distance to The Airport: 30 km

ObjectNr: DA-1357

Event-And Workshop-Facility

Location Type: Lifestyle-Location

Parking Facilities: Yes

A retractable wall and double doors open out to our lounge to create one free-flowing space along the entire east side of our venue, making our facility a great destination for social events as well as off-site corporate meetings. Whether you’re a group of 2 or 200, we will create a memorable experience for you.


Live streaming / Focus Vision: No
Video/Audio Recording: No
Beamer: Yes
Wlan: Yes
Eyetracking: No
Test Kitchen: No
Interpreting Service: No
Catering: Yes
Customer Lounge: Yes
Handicapped Accessible: Yes


Our facility is Dallas’ first venue dedicated to hosting productive meetings and engaging events as unique as your needs. Our inspiring and flexible spaces give your team room to think, so they can create, explore and express their best ideas. To keep it simple and affordable, our all-inclusive pricing model gives you everything you need for a successful event – from meeting planning services and complete AV support to unlimited supplies and snacks to finger-paints and modeling clay – all at a pre-determined, flat rate. At our facility, the only surprises you will find are in the ideas you will create.