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Great group- discussionroom


City: Hamburg
Country: Germany
Distance to Central Station: 4 km
Distance to The Airport: 10 km

ObjectNr: HA-257

Group Discussion Rooms

Number of GD Rooms: 1

Red focusgroup room:
Max. Number of Seats for Test Persons: 10
Room Size in sq.m.: 18
Observation mirrors/One-way mirrors: No
Number of Seats for Customers: 0

Single Seats

Number of Single Seats: 1

IDI room:
Room Size in sq.m.: 15
Observation mirrors/One-way mirrors: No

Event-And Workshop-Facility

Location Type: Hall

Parking Facilities: No


Live streaming / Focus Vision: Yes
Video/Audio Recording: Yes
Beamer: No
Wlan: Yes
Eyetracking: Yes
Test Kitchen: No
Interpreting Service: Yes
Catering: Yes
Customer Lounge: No
Handicapped Accessible: No


This close to the Alster located facility is ideal for small budgets.